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Freezie Bag – Original & Sour | Multibuy



    Introducing our Original & Sour Freezie Bag Combo, a delicious way to try both of our best-selling mixed bags in one go!

    Our Original Bag contains an assortment of all your favourite freeze-dried sweets, including refreshing bursts, fruit delights, squishy bites, sweet explosions, marshmallows, fruit gems and liquorice crunches!

    Each one is freeze-dried until it develops a light and crunchy texture, with all the flavour you know and love.

    But that’s not all!

    Brace yourself for an extra zing with our Sour selection.

    It contains squishy bites – sour, a hazardous tang – blue raspberry, a refreshing burst – apple, sweet explosion – sour and whirlwind bites.

    This item is not Halal or Vegan Friendly


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