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We are Exploded Sweets, pushing confectionery innovation in the UK to new heights. We love offering new takes on all your favourite sweets, allowing you to try them like never before!

Our journey began in 2022, when Simon and Amy set up in their house with a few freeze dryers and a mission to transform traditional confectionery into something extraordinary. Based near Nottingham, we have seen massive growth since then, and have been at the forefront of introducing the UK market to the delightful world of freeze-dried sweets.

Our range has been hand-picked through a rigorous testing process to provide the ultimate collection of sweet treats for you to enjoy. Often cited as the best quality and value in the industry, we take pride in our ability to balance great products with great prices. We’re always trying new things too, so keep an eye out for our newest offerings or suggest something on our social pages!


Be A Gift God

Show how trendy you are with your friends and family by introducing them to a new and exciting world of freeze dried delight!

More Flavour

Freeze-drying drastically increases flavour and sweetness. You’ll notice new fruity notes in sweets you’ve been enjoying for years.

Sweet Tooth

Compared to eating a whole bag of sweets with no sign of stoping, our freeze dried sweets will satisfy your sweet tooth in just a few mouthfuls.

Mega Sour

Says it’s sour but can hardly tell? Us too!! We recon mega sour range is the sourest candy in the world. Try at your own risk.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely gorgeous, fab full flavour and crunchy arrived quickly”


“Brilliant choices in them and super quick delivery,Will be ordering again thank you”


“Love love love these can’t get enough so addictive 😍😍😍”


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